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TL:DR: I extract high resolution game artwork and post it online on a blog, as well as run a blog posting scans from old magazines. This is hard, takes a lot of time, and costs money. Help me! :)

Hi there! My name is Ryan Langley. By day I'm a video game designer - but by night I run five awesome blogs -  Old Game Mags, The Video Game Art ArchiveSonic The HedgeblogSega City and Nintendo Metro. And I want your help to continue running them!

I started Old Game Mags in 2013. Having a large, old magazine collection of my own, I wanted to scan and curate some of the more bizarre ads or articles I had found. Over 7,000 posts and 33,000 followers later, I continue to love finding classic magazines from the 80's and 90's and bringing them to the limelight through my curation.

I post 3 articles, covers or adverts a day on this blog. Here's some examples of the types of articles I've been finding and posting:

The Video Game Art Archive blog started in early 2014 as a blog to bring to the forefront classic artwork from classic video games. Cover, characters, anything that used to be in a manual or a cover. So much is lost to the ages, or have poor scans out there that just aren't usable online.

Using an awesome scanner I have access to, I've been able to scan in the tiniest bits of artwork to colossal sizes, keeping their quality in tact, extracting them from their backgrounds, removing as many logos or text as possible, adding transparency, and releasing it online.

Here's an example from an old Japanese Game Gear game, Sonic Drift 2. Creases and weird backgrounds - yuck! Let's clean that baby up!

Since I've started I've posted all sorts of weird and obscure artwork from my game collection, or what I can find online. Some scans are out there - but not extracted and cleaned up like what I've been able to do.

I post 3 new items on this blog per day. Here are some examples of other artwork I've been extracting over the past year:

And Sonic The Hedgeblog is just me being kind of a nut about Sonic The Hedgehog, so it's a lovely little excuse to get it all out of my head. Part of this is using animated GIF files from games, cartoons and such, but also extracting artwork from other resources, like books and toys that are otherwise not available online.

Sega City and Nintendo Metro are two additional blogs, part reblogging platform, part GIF and Video platform. Random artwork and articles from older posts from Old Game Mags and VGAA will appear, but it also includes brand new GIFs and Videos based on Sega and Nintendo stuff of yore. Commercials, scenery, trailers, you name it.

I love doing these blogs - but they do take a lot of time. I can spend hours extracting artwork for a game like Bubsy The Bobcat or Puggsy which have a limited audience, but that's part of the fun! Rustling through magazines I've scanned or those found at awesome websites like  SegaRetro, Out of Print Archiveoldgamemags.com (unaffiliated),  and Retromags, is also a lot of fun - finding all sorts of adverts that stick out like a sore thumb in today's world to the stunning and awesome articles for developers who aren't around anymore.

And I want to continue doing this, and I hope you want me to too. I've set up this Patreon to have you help me continue what I'm doing for as long as possible. I just want to continue doing what you guys seem to love so much, and with a little help I can continue to do so!

Not really into monthly donations with Patreon? You can do a one-time donation with PayPAL! Click the button below, and then click the PayPAL button on the side of the page.

$70.85 of $100 per month
Some of the best games out there have poor scans available Hit this goal and I'll be able to buy a monthly set of game manuals to extract the artwork, and you'll be able to vote for which ones! 
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