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About Roads of Apocalypse

Hello there!
Thank you for visiting my Patreon page. My name is Alex, and I create print-ready miniatures for tabletop games in postapocalypse, dark fantasy setting and release them for free each month.
All miniatures are created in my own setting "Roads of Apocalypse", but may be used anywhere you want.

I love table-top role playing games and wargames, but gathering up all of the material you need to play takes much time and money, so I just wanted to make that process much easier and cheaper. Moreover, I'd like to share my fantasy world with people.

Your Support
I'll continue to create and release print & play miniatures throughout each month on my own, but with your support I'll be able to afford to spend even more time doing so - my dream to create real paper world, full of darkness, madness, heavy metal and Wind of Wandering will come true much faster. Moreover, you can have a finger in the pie of creating too!

By becoming a Patron you can gain access to bonus material: many double-sided minis, art and color variations, fluff and other neat perks each month.

An archive for all of the free sets is available here:
Roads of Apocalypse free sets.
Also you can contact me at: [email protected]
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Easy Rider
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For those of you who just want to have lots of cute minis.

  • Access to all sets in main color and b/w.
  • Pass ro Discord.
Knight of Roads
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The world is full of great heroes and villains, and they all in your hands.

  • All previous rewards
  • Sneak pics to Work-in-progress sets
  • Access to sets in all colors.
Knight of Lance
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Your power may change the world!

  • All previous rewards
  • Access to fluff of the world
  • Acess to my non-mimiatures art
  • Ability to order custom miniatures
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Make  Wizards miniatures and share them for free.
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