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is creating Quake 2, ms-dos, retro gameplay and carnivorous plants tutorials

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We are two twin brothers, Catalin and Razvan, alias Roarke and Roarkes, who grew with and love pc video games and started playing Age of Empires, RollerCoaster Tycoon, Doom, and Half-Life.
We first like to thank the comunity of gamers and modders, because without them, some games whould probably fade into obscurity.
The difference we want to give you is that we will show what can work and not in modding.
We also make photos (nature and city exploration) and if you want to see how to cultivate carnivorous plants and see toys reviews, we post videos and write tutorials covering that topics too.
We knew from school that people learn better visually or by reading texts only.
We strive to combine them both, putting in the first spot the visual aspect of learning and want to inspire others.

Because we will post many different things, if you want to help, you will be charged every month for Kingpin life of crime, dosbox turbo etc.
Payment is done monthly not per creation.
Patrons will be able to see the locked topics, click on tiers and goals.
Other topics will always be free.

We now help the comunity by making tutorials and modding.
Our moddb page :
Our sites, were things will always be free :
Dosbox Turbo, emulator program on android phones
Quake 2 Dawn of Darkness total conversion, pc game mod
Kingpin life of crime, pc game
Sudden Strike and Sudden Strike 2, pc games

For Quake 2 and Kingpin life of crime we use Quark Army Knife editor updated to last version.
Toys intro is below :
Toys intro

Thank you for reading.
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Buy a Sony VCL-DEH17V Tele Conversion Lens 1.7x needed for the camera.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 29 exclusive posts

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