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About Shadowstar Design

I am a freelance game designer and server admin with a variety of talents I use to support the development of my games. I am currently learning a variety of game development applications, including Java, Unity, Photoshop, and Maya, as well as skills such as game design, 3d modelling, animation, and level design. I spend a good deal of time experimenting with and researching new and unusual game design ideas, and I will include others in this process when possible. During these projects, I try to provide a fun experience for everyone involved, because that's really the point of games. If a game's not fun, it's failed to be a game, however I also believe that games can be art and are capable of exploring unique aspects of emotional engagement, social development, and education, in ways that no other form of art or entertainment can do. Having financial support will help me run these experiments and may even allow me to develop some of them into proper games which I can then distribute to a larger audience.

I am currently accepting pledges to help with my projects as well as to help run my servers. Donations will be used to purchase resources for game development as well as to pay for bandwidth and living expenses. Every bit helps.

Minecraft Servers:
no info yet - watch this space!

Shadowstar Cubebrush Storefront
Shadowstar Unity Store
Shadowstar at Corona Marketplace
Shadowstar RPG Maker MV Resource Store

Current Projects:
Shadowstar on Soundcloud
Argon's Steam Workshop

Past Projects:
Starscape RP mod for Space Empires IV:
Playground of the Gods RPG/4x game tests
Multiverse Legacy RPG test
Argon Labs Clan Youtube Channel:
Argon Labs Game and Teamspeak Servers:

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If this goal is met I can justify putting 20 hours a week into producing content, which will be made available at no extra cost to $20+ patrons.  This includes all of my existing products.
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