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About RobCoxxy

I'm Rob. Full-time video editor, part-time Youtube content creator. I cover a huge variety of games, and create a variety of videos, including Lets Plays, Reviews and Community-Focused Projects such as the XCOM 2 Community Squad Series, as well as cinematic, narrative-driven edits of Survival Games such as DayZ Standalone, and collabs with friends/other Youtubers.

I have been creating content for several years, and at the end of the day, I do it for entertainment, but with time, I would absolutely love to call this my job.

I love what I do, creating videos in my already limited spare time, but Patreon would help invest more into the channel, allowing me to improve my content, as well as quality - and helps provide that much needed morale boost that assures me I'm doing a damn fine job.

Chipping in even a quid or buck a month easily helps towards getting new games, buying new typefaces, plugins and other things to help improve video and audio quality; and most importantly spurs me on to provide truly engaging videos to ensure you get your money's worth!
Working on videos and is currently like having a second full-time job for me. As I strive for quality over quantity, certain videos can take longer to create. For example, the more cinematic edits, a lá DayZ, can require several days of play to gather enough footage or encounter something story-worthy, and trailer mashups take a decent, worthy idea to come along. Splicing multiple players' videos together, and syncing audio together can also be very time consuming! A lot of work and love goes into every video before you can watch them for Entertainment. While I receive an extremely low revenue for making YouTube videos (much less since the Great Demonetisation of 2018), this money goes directly back into running my channel, in terms of equipment, hardware, fonts and subscriptions to Adobe and Music Libraries such as the wonderful EpidemicSound.
As a Patron, not only will you have the warm fuzzies for helping a channel grow, and supporting a creator, but you will also have access to:

  • Community gaming sessions
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Thank you for your support!
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