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And, deep in the mists of the Great Road, a madman will stop at nothing to destroy every single one of them.

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In the end, it’s all about the marketplace of ideas.

My name is Robert B. Marks, and the marketplace of ideas is something I really, truly care about and believe in.  In Garwulf's Corner on The Escapist, we made that marketplace of ideas happen.  We cut through the chaff regarding the Ghostbusters remake, took a balanced look at the battles fought by the Sad Puppies, Rabid Puppies, and the "Hugo Defenders," and explored what happened when video gaming finally got an actual murder simulator...we even managed to have a generally non-toxic discussion about the white privilege debate - on the Internet, of all places!

Garwulf’s Corner generated exceptional engagement on the site, carving a true marketplace of ideas back out of the battlefield that pop culture so often seems to become. However, all good things must come to an end, and the last installment ran on March 16, 2016.  But...I miss it, and I miss the discussion, and, most of all, I miss my readers  And that's why, a couple of weeks ago, I emailed Josh Vanderwall, Editor-in-Chief of The Escapist, with an idea to bring back the column...and he agreed.

I have partnered up with The Escapist to bring Garwulf’s Corner back once again, with a new installment every two weeks. The Escapist is hosting it, but this time around, this Patreon – supported by readers like you – is paying me for it. With your support, I can not only keep Garwulf’s Corner running, but if things go well enough, even some projects like these:

  • The Most Important PC Games of All Time: Video games are not a young medium – they go back all the way to 1940 – and there’s an amazing 76-year history to be explored. The first three installments of this series of features were published in August on PCGamesN, but didn’t hit the critical mass they needed to keep it going...and NINE installments were written, along with a second series being planned. With your help, I can not only publish the rest of the first series, but also write a second, and possibly even a third.
  • Fooling Garwulf: Unfortunately, during this season of Penn & Teller Fool Us there was no Fooling Garwulf – my life was hit by a critical mass of complications that prevented it from running this year – and with the extra research required, it’s not a cheap series to do. However, where there’s magic shows, there an amazing discussion to be had about the art of illusion, and with your support, a second series of Fooling Garwulf is just a new season of Fool Us away.
  • Gamers: A Serialized Novel (Sort of): When faced with an insane world, do you join it or rebel? That’s the dilemma facing John John and his friends in this absurdist comedy in the tradition of Joseph Heller’s Catch-22. I’ve wanted to do this for a while, but a project like this takes a lot of time, during which I can’t work on other things. With your help, this can happen.

All of these things are possible, with your support. So, what do you say? Shall we have a few laughs, take a closer look at some magic, explore some video game history, and throw some ideas around?

(Special thanks to Defy Media, for use of the Garwulf's Corner graphic.)

About Me

My name is Robert B. Marks, and I’m the author of Diablo: Demonsbane, The EverQuest Companion, The Eternity Quartet (with Ed Greenwood), Fooling Garwulf, and most important of all, Garwulf’s Corner – the first iteration ran from 2000-2002 on, and was one of the first video game issues columns in the English language, and from March 2015-March 2016 it was revived as a pop culture commentary column on The Escapist.
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Critical mass!  Garwulf's Corner will be running on the Escapist for as long as I've got things to say about pop culture (hopefully a good, long, time).
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 3 exclusive posts

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