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is creating Digital Art, Short Films, Apps, Art Installations
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About Robert Gallardo

Hey, welcome to my Patreon page. Im Robert Gallardo, a multidisciplinary contemporary artist and creative director. Mostly I just think of ideas and try to share them. Im based in St. Petersburg, Florida where I grew up, but I travel to NY and LA often for work. Im a pop culture junkie, sort of a Prosumer, I consume a lot of media and produce art based on it.

What I hope to accomplish with this page is to become financially free, the funds from this page will allow me to create in a less stressful environment. This page will also bring me closer to the community that supports me and will open me up to be able to have a discourse with my supporters to help them understand my artistry better.

I get a lot of requests for consultations and questions in my instagram DM so I'm offering my consultation services on this platform as well. I organized my consultation services into 3 tiers with different levels of engagement for each one.

With your support as a patron I will have more time to create art and experiences for you.

Thank you for your support!

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