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About Robin Clayfield

Hello and welcome!

Using a heart-centred, inspiring, and Permaculture-grounded methodology for group work and group learning, I have trained teachers, facilitators and group leaders globally for more than 25 years.

When our groups are on purpose and in harmony, and when our members are engaged and feeling included, there are less conflicts and disruptions and our groups are more likely to be richly successful.

My materials are now being collated into an empowering compendium of books, mini-books, games, and resources to document and continue to inspire and empower trainers and leaders.  This Patreon project backs the production and distribution of this work to the world.

Become a patron

Becoming a patron of this work provides tremendous assistance for supporting global and organisational change, and enabling leaders who are making a real difference.

As a patron you can develop your dynamic training and facilitation skills, and connect with similar folks from around the world. Here are some of the highlight rewards:

  • Q&A Group Sessions - All patrons are invited to join me in a bi-monthly Q&A Session together with other creative and inspiring Dynamic Groups facilitators and trainers. We explore a key question to help develop your understanding and practice as a trainer and facilitator by tapping into the collective wisdom of the group. These sessions are rich and insightful, providing you recorded audio and typed transcript for review and continual learning.
  • Pop-in Brainstorms - Every other month, $10+ patrons are invited to a Pop-Up Brainstorm session. These provide an opportunity to bring current questions/issues/case studies from your world of dynamic facilitation and training; for which feedback and support from Robin and the group will be harvested. Again, there is a bunch of collective wisdom to connect with and learn from; especially with recorded audio and typed transcripts for ongoing learning.
  • 1:1 Consultancy Sessions - $50 and $100 patrons receive one-to-one consultancy sessions with me to develop and evolve your work in the world with my broad range of experience, skills and tools. These 1:1 sessions providing coaching and mentoring for your projects in personal, professional and community levels (as you wish).

Other rewards include:

  • Discounts and free digital and print e-books and resources.
  • Access to my Seeds For Change dynamic meditation album.
  • Access to my back catalogue of digital resources and tools dynamic facilitation and training.
  • Discounts for courses and trainings.

About the Dynamic Teaching and Facilitations book series

Your backing here in Patreon will fund the publication of a five book series entitled Dynamic Teaching and Facilitation. The themes of these books include:

  • ‘Dynamic Groups, Dynamic Learning’ methodology.
  • A huge toolbox of processes for dynamic teaching and facilitation.
  • Dynamic decision making, meetings and discussions.
  • Permaculture, Deep Ecology, nature connection and environmental education processes.
  • Ceremony, ritual, self-care and inner-work processes.

Book 1 - Dynamic Teaching and Facilitation - will be divided into six mini-books, each available in printed and electronic form. The mini-books will include:

  1. The Foundations
  2. Group and Personal Empowerment
  3. Unleashing Creativity
  4. A Magical Toolbox of Processes and Resources
  5. The Art and Skill of Facilitation
  6. The Learning Environment.

The writing for the first book of five-book series is well underway, with mini-books to start being released by mid-2019.

Where does your money go?

Your backing goes toward paying the people who are supporting the production of the Dynamic Teaching and Facilitation book series. The team includes:

  • Robin Clayfield (book writing, key visionary, and project lead),
  • Erin Young (proofreading and manuscript appraisal, e-news, social media, admin and communication support),
  • Rob Clark (graphic design, artist and lettering art legend), and
  • Eve Witney (editing and InDesign tuition).

Eve, Robin, Rob and Erin

Your support will also go toward production costs such as:

  • supporter administration
  • regular IT and website support,
  • online fees for serving Patreon patrons,
  • legal costs, and
  • printing.

Your backing and involvement in the production of this book series, as well as connection with the Dynamic Training and Facilitation community, is deeply valuable and inspiring. 


You may consider contributing a percentage of your income or your course profits if you’ve benefited from any of my training courses or from using the Manual for teaching permaculture creatively. Your gifts and acknowledgement in this way enable the cycle of sharing to continue.

In love and service for a heart-centred creative world,

Robin Clayfield
$204.97 of $600 per month
When I reach this goal a percentage of the administration and social networking support required for the project will be engaged.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 76 exclusive posts
Audio release
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 76 exclusive posts
Audio release

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