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$1 monthly pledges account for about 33% of patrons. Not only do small pledges add up they are essential to build up the number of backers and show other potential patrons that my VR promotion efforts including the "Virtually Everything" YouTube channel are worthwhile.

I appreciate your support!
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$1 & $5 contributions account for about 55% of patrons.  Not only do small pledges add up they are essential to build up the number of backers and show other potential patrons the value of my VR promotion efforts including the "Virtually Everything" YouTube channel. 

I appreciate your support!
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At the $15 level you will receive a "Virtually Everything with RoblemVR" themed Basic Cardboard 2.0 headset. 

Basic Cardboard 2.0 headset features include:
  • Holds phones up to 6 inches
  • Large 34mm Diameter Lenses
  • Conductive foil push button.

Please make sure your Smartphone is Cardboard compatible before you get this reward as I am not set up to take returns.
  • Cardboard on an Android phone requires version 4.1 or higher.
  • Cardboard on an iOS requires version 8.0 or higher.

(Your VR headset with ship after your first month of support or when we get 10 patrons at this level so I can make a bulk order)




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Hey Everyone I’m Rob Crasco AKA “RoblemVR”. I’m a Virtual World, Virtual Reality & Mixed Reality Advocate / Entrepreneur. I do VR promotion on Twitter (4600+ followers) Facebook and other Social Media and write articles on Medium and WordPress. In 2016 I was named the #5 VR influencer by Onalytica Brand/Influencer Connector.

My Interest in Virtual Reality Started in the mid 90’s when I got into 3D design and dabbled with VRML (Virtual Reality Modeling Language). When VR failed to launch I got into web design and my 3D skills were relegated to making simple buttons and logos for websites. In 2006 I got into the virtual world Second Life where I found I could make a modest living while learning all about virtual worlds from the inside. In 2014 when I learned that Facebook paid $2B to acquire Oculus I knew we were finally here and started evangelizing Virtual Reality and Virtual Worlds to whomever would listen.

My newest inroad to promoting VR is a YouTube Channel “Virtually Everything, with RoblemVR” where I plan on doing short format videos about Virtual Reality, Experiences, Virtual Worlds and related technology and subjects. However putting together videos, even short ones, is a complicated time consuming effort and here is where I am asking for your help.

Even a small pledge will allow me to put more effort into what I do now, expanding to produce more original content about VR. Larger pledges would allow me to start attending meetups & conferences to provide more in-depth coverage of these events. Purchasing VR and related hardware would allow me to do unbiased reviews without having to beg for review copies and in turn use that hardware to produce more content for you.

I truly believe Virtual reality is going to change the way that we experience the world. Don’t think of it in terms of applications or games but in terms of experiences. You are going to have relationships with people that you have only ever met in VR. You will be able to re-live captured experiences such as your wedding or your child’s birthday as if you were there again. You will experience real destinations around the world, from the past or ones of pure fantasy. I’ve laughed at live standup comedy and run across the face of Mars with groups of people without actually leaving my home. These experiences and others I’ve had in VR are as important and “real” as any other memory I’ve had. We are just at the beginning of the experiential age and it’s going to be amazing.

Every contribution, great and small, will help “Virtually Everything” reach its goal to spread the word about the benefits of this new technology. Please consider the various contribution levels to see how you can help. If patreon seems like too much of a commitment please consider some of my other options to help here. (including Bitcoin) Thanks so much for your time and consideration.

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More than enough support to know you value what I'm doing to promote Virtual Worlds, Virtual Reality & Mixed Reality. My promise to keep up with the channel with several videos a month. Let's keep it going!
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