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Patron Forum Access

Access to the member's forum for From Winter's Ashes, with exclusive behind-the-scenes content, interaction with the authors, writer's diaries and more.

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Author Q&A Monthly

Access to a monthly Q&A with authors to answer questions about our project, our writing process, advice, and whatever you want to ask us.

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A Chance to Be Interviewed By The Authors!

A chance to be interviewed by us! Once a month, the authors will select a few patrons at this level or higher at random and interv...

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Early Access!

Special advance access to in-progress content, such as WIPs of illustrations, chapters, and special excerpts of side projects and content.

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Patron Shout-Out!

Patrons at this tier and above will receive special named thanks from the Authors, as well as a few nice, thoughtful surprises to show our gratitude. :)

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Digital Posters of Art Content

Did we get an illustration this month? We did? Awesome. You my high-rolling friend will have a special high-resolution PDF digital poster sent...

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Physical Prints, what is this madness?

For you, our silver-tipped friend, we will send you a physical print of a selected piece of From Winter's Ashes illustration, to anywh...

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Cameo in the story

Have an original character of yours in mind who'd fit nicely into the From Winter's Ashes universe? We'll work to write your character canonically into th...

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Speaking part in the story

All the same as the prior tier, only we'll work in some dialogue between characters. Got a preference for whom they should talk to, and what they ...

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Design a character

Future portions of From Winter's Ashes will require speaking parts and characters. Do you have an idea for a character that you passionately believe would...

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Design a major character

There's one slot available for a major character in the third 'book' of From Winter's Ashes, and you'll be helping us design her. She'll be a woman,...