Kathe Kline is creating The Rock Your Retirement Show

Herman's Hermits

$1 /mo
Help the show for only $1 a MONTH!  You will receive my heartfelt gratitude and the satisfaction of knowing that you are helping the show!

The Doors

$5 /mo
The Doors level is $5 per month.  If you are at this level, I'll say your name one time on my show as a thank you!

Beach Boys

$20 /mo
You get  everything in the previous tiers, PLUS: 

Your name on my show notes once per month!

Dead Head

$40 /mo
You get  everything in the previous tiers, PLUS:

You will get a link to your website, if you have one, in the show notes, once per month.  If you don't have a website, your name will...


Rolling Stone

$60 /mo
You'll get everything in the lower tier levels, PLUS:

I will SAY your name or business name at the end of the show once per month.  Or I will cleverly say it at some point during the episode!

Ultimate Rock your Retirement Sponsorship!

$995 /mo
If you want to be an ultimate show sponsor, I can accept up to three ultimate show sponsorships.

At this level, you'll get a one hour phone or Skype call with me every month, along w...