RockStarTragedy is creating Twitch.TV LiveStreams + YouTube Videos!


$1 /mo
This is a great way to help support streamers in need without hurting your wallet! Anything is appreciated and it all adds up! For a $1/ month contribution, you will be given a head start on upcomi...

Content Engineers

$5 /mo
Along with the $1 level, those who pledge $5 per month will be able to vote/determine what content they want to see! These can be Livestreams or YouTube videos. I will send out a post at the beginn...

Discord's Elite

$10 /mo
Along with previous rewards, $10 patrons also get access to a special channel on the Rockville discord server. I will try to schedule a time where I can hop in there and chat with you guys!

Gaming crew

$25 /mo
The $25 pledge level will allow you everything previously stated plus we will create gaming sessions and organize them with everyone once per month.

Gaming Collaboration Crew

$50 /mo
$50 per month will get you all previous rewards plus basic access to do a collaboration video on our YouTube channel with me! This will be a recurring reward, but keep in mind that I will still set...


$100 /mo
You guys are amazing if you do this! First off you will of course get access to everything listed before. I will host personal hangouts once or twice per month, and with these we will talk, watch m...