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A huge thanks for supporting our ongoing effort! By pledging this, you will also be included in random goodies giveaways. Post videos/series suggestions on the Patreon page and I will do my best to...

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Be the first! - This reward level entitles you to an early release of select YouTube videos from our series.

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Any question answered - Previous reward benefits + I will take your questions and answer them in private (public if you want). I will also follow you on Twitter and Friend you on a...

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Official badass status - Previous reward benefits + Your name written on my video descriptions until the end of time!

This is official badass status.
For this much, I'll...

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Play with us! - Previous reward benefits + You will get to play Rocket League with me and other RocketLeagueGarage members in private sessions of 1 hour. Game mode of your ...

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Get famous - I will take your replays/clips and make a short personal montage for you. 

You will receive the full montage in 1080p and you are free to show it off anywhere you want.

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Epicness ensures - I will make a professional cinematic montage for you, using your replays/clips of your choice.

The cinematic is going to be over 2 minutes long, high qual...