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These people gave me any amount of money whatsoever. :V

This will automatically give you access to various polls and updates from behind the scenes, as well as the ability to be listed as an official "Raccoon Feeder" in the credits of my work.


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These people gave me more money and now they get access to the STASH!  Songs, Stories, and other crap, all fresh before it sees the light of the oppressive sun! (if ever)

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This doesn't really get you much more than being REALLY generous (or just really into my crap) but it's highly appreciated just to get the bills paid.

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About Raccoon

Fantasy / Horror Writer and Punk Rock Musician from South Florida or Northeast Texas depending on how ya wanna look at it.

I love thinking up and creating cool stuff, from stories to songs, and sharing it with all the people who want to see it.  Lately, I've come to realize that I could do a much better job of it if I didn't have to worry so much about money or time (which often ends up being money itself), so I've come to my fans for help.  If just a fraction of the people who read my stories, listen to my songs, or just enjoys what I do in general gave me just $1 a month, I wouldn't have to worry about chasing contracts and doing side-work, and I'd be able to devote all that time to working on my passion projects.

In return for $1 or more a month, I'll toss you glimpses of what I'm working on before it's released to the public, maybe grab your opinion in a poll or something.  I'll also periodically give you the choice to be listed in the credits of my projects, under the name of your choice!

In return for $4 or more a month, I'll give you access to "The Stash", which will be a monthly collection of unreleased material, well before everyone else gets it.  This is a "premium" option, so expect some special stuff beyond that.

Any more than that... I don't know what I'll give you, aside from listing you as a higher-level patron, but it would be very appreciated.

So, in the words of my generation's role-model: "Gimme some money!"  I'll definitely be able to publish a chapter of whatever story you've been begging for or a recording of that song you've had stuck in your head that much quicker for it!
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If I hit $100 a month, I'll be able to vastly speed up the release cycle for Displaced into Nothing (seeing as most of you are here from there), and pretty much all my projects
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