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        About Roger G Lewis, Poetry, Philosophy Creative writing and Music

        I have been Blogging since 2011 and have been making youtube videos since 2009. I have an almost finished first Novel Called The Plantsman which is a satirical comedy novel about how we all have roles in our own lives that caste us variously as dramaticus personae simultaneously or alternately villain, lover hero and simpleton and wise.
        My Philosophy studies have lead to a deep intrigue with plurality, being more than one thing at once. These opposing and not always complementary roles we play make for some very funny situations and it is these absurdities I wish to examine and shine upon the un-self-knowing pompous selves we all sometimes are. My Second Novel informs the first and I will not be able to finish it until Novel 2 is completed.
        My Second Novel is Called the Conquest of Dough which is a metaphoric parable about sourdough bread and a legendary Syrian Sourdough that is smuggled to the UK. Here the Syrian refugee meets with challenges, helpers, and enemies who seek to restore the Dough to its homeland, various actors wish the Dough to be suppressed. The dough is the metaphor for Money which examines another of my areas of work, Monetary reform activism. The Finale of Conquest of dough is a hilarious romp through the Glastonbury Music festival examining the social aspects of that festival parodying itself whilst pretending it remains what it once was.
        I have a series of epic poems that I wish to pursue after the conquest of Dough around the theme of democracy. What is it ? and how is it done? there are various political episodes in my lifetime I wish to satirise in poetry.  Epic Poetry is my preferred medium for satirising matters of Political Economy.
        I am a political animal, a dedicated Anarchist and a confirmed tree hugger. I have following the Great Crash of 2008, in stoic parlance, Returned my wealth and live now very simply. I would like to spend most of my time writing and the political nature of much of what I write does not sit well with the Political Climate of conventional Dead tree publishing. I thought I would see if Patreon might be a way to make a contribution to our Family Budget whilst Writing Full time for a Year or so. 
        As my Introduction Video I have linked to my Latest Poem on Brexit, Unwrapping Democracy, The emergent reality of Brexit.
        This poem Maybe read  at My Blog, 
        and Conquest of Dough's web Site is here.

        Also I have a selection of videos on Bitchute.

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        I have set a monthly goal at which I would be able to write full time without worrying about making a contribution to our family monthly budget.
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        By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post

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