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Greetings friends and supporters! 
I am devoting the next 12 months of my life to writing a new book and providing spiritual direction and coaching to spiritual seekers and kindred spirits. I have left Boulder, CO and am starting a new life in Iowa City, IA - a town known for its support of writers! This journey is a leap of faith on my part. It took me three years to write my last book, "Kissing Fish," and I intend to write this next book in 12 months.

The new book will be part spiritual memoir and part "Mysticism 101." Think "Burning Man meets Iona," and "Russel Brand meets Richard Rohr and Cynthia Bourgeault!"

I will greatly benefit from the support of patrons who will sponsor me creative process. I'm seeking sponsors of all levels and capacities to support me. Monthly donations of $10 to $1000 are all welcome. One time gifts of any amount are also greatly appreciated and of meaningful value and appreciation to me. 

Patrons will receive early draft chapters of the book as it progresses. Thank you for believing in me and how Spirit is working through me. 

- Roger

I’m a certified Spiritual Director through the Spiritual Direction Program of Benet Hill Monastery. I’m an ordained pastor in the United Methodist Church, and a reputable advocate for progressive Christianity. I earned a Masters of Divinity degree from the Iliff School of Theology. And I’m the author of the book “Kissing Fish: christianity for people who don’t like christianity” - an introduction to progressive Christianity.
I have been a speaker at The Wild Goose Festival, The Embrace Festival, and The Lion and The Lamb Festival. I’ve blogged for Elephant Journal, Huffington Post, and now primarily blog for Patheos as “The Holy Kiss.” I’m the administrator of the Kissing Fish Facebook page. I am also a contributing writer to the John Shelby Spong weekly newsletter “Progressing Spirit,” and serve on the Board of Directors of (formerly known as The Center for Progressive Christianity).
I am also a highly experienced wedding officiant, and have helped many grieving families celebrate and remember their deceased loved ones through meaningful, personalized funerals and memorial services.
All of those things above sound pretty nifty, but in many ways, I’m just a guy - a guy who’s learned many things the hard way in life. I turned 50 this past summer and experienced a text-book midlife crisis as part of that transition - as my “Chiron returned.” I don’t pretend to be fully whole, sanctified, perfect, or enlightened. I’m very much a work in progress. As I continue to evolve through life, I identify more and more as a Christian mystic - or as a Mystic who happens to be Christian. I hold an inclusive, inter-faith perspective and don’t think that any one religion has a monopoly on Spirit, Truth, Love, Grace, or God.
I embrace all human beings as fellow Children of God who are fully loved by the Creator just as they are. I’m a straight, white, male who is aware of my privilege and I am resolved to use this privilege to help empower everyone - including those who are oppressed or marginalized by our current socio-political structures. I also am committed to learning from all persons - in my continued efforts to heal, reform, grow, and expand into the authentic fullness of who Spirit invites me to be.
On a personal note, I have a twin sister and I’m the father of wonderful 18 year old son. I’m an arts lover, a theater-goer, live music lover, blues dancer, yogi, trail runner, motorcyclist, trumpeter, and photographer. Centering prayer, spending time at my personal altar, Lectio Divina, reading and writing poetry, and being out in Nature with contemplative presence are my primary spiritual practices. I’ve been involved with several men’s groups, have done retreats through the Men’s Leadership Alliance, and I have experience with shadow work, dream work, tarot, the Enneagram, plant medicine and various shamanic healing modalities.
I offer Spiritual Direction to a select number of clients each year. We meet for 60 minutes once per month - either in person, or via technology such as Zoom, Skype, Instant Messenger Video, or WhatsApp. Sessions are $70-110 based upon your finances.
Please let me know if you are interested in how I might be able to help you discern how Spirit/God is at work in your life - so that you might have the most meaningful and impacting life possible - leaving a legacy of love.
- Roger

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