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About Ron Jones The Artist

     Yo yo yo this is Ron Jones, your favorite starving artist! First I wanna give you a huge thank you for coming to my page and checking me out. You'll notice I'm an artist of not just one medium but THE WORLD... I tend to have a lot of passions, however they all allow me to create some juicy manifestations. I'm an Independent Game Developer, a Digital Artist, a Comic Writer/Artist, and a Street Artist. I also produce and host a podcast for Indie game developers and give away free art in Atlanta. I always wanted to pursue a career where I can get paid for doing what I love. Now with Patreon, you guys can support me directly so I can produce more ill'n villain content.


    SOOoooo, all of that is very nice but what does it have to do with you? Well, as a fan of my work, and supporter of my art, every dollar you contribute will take me away from my day job and allow me to work on my current projects. When it comes to my games, I have about 4 works in progress with a main focus on 1. My game White: The Last Blood Cell is a health related game where you play as the last white blood cell in a little girl, and fight for both her and your survival. I currently stream myself working on the game on Tues, Thur, and Sun at midnight via Twitch. Follow that here!! This is my first big project and I want it to warm the hearts of all blood thirty shooters out there. Full of action and story, White is an HIV awareness game that makes you want to keep playing. More time on my games, mean more time spent developing White and a few smaller indie design projects for the good of mankind. Don't be afraid, play White and give me some feedback for free here!

    I'm proud to say I'm the host of an awesome podcast that feature a great cast of friends and business minded individuals. #IndieDEV is a show about independent game developers and their rise in the local and online community, while sharing information and experiences. The first of it's kind here in Atlanta and in the gaming world to talk about the business and troubles of being Indie, as we pass along tips and tricks. I definitely don't do the show on my own, but I'm usually too busy to do more with it. Right now it's a bi-weekly show, but I'm hoping to have it more involved on the internet, make it weekly, and create more help sessions or videos for people as they need them. First episode is here!


    Something I really got involved in during college was sequential art. I was learning Photoshop at the time and I didn't realize it then, but had an interest in writing. Combine all that with poor digital art skills and determination... You get me cranking out web comics. I've always wanted to make a graphic novel but never really have the time to focus on a big script like that. So I enjoy writing smaller, unique shorts just for practice and to see what I can do with the medium. Experimenting with art styles however, is my favorite part of comics. I love doing these and would love to continue or hire an additional writer and/or artist to bring some of them to market. I'll go back to school for this one day, but for now I just want to create more good'ole content. Read all the episode on my website here!


    Lastly I can talk about the movement in Atlanta I love participating in called Free Art Friday Atlanta. I've always wanted to learn and get more into painting and non-digital mediums as an artist just because. Over the past few years, I've gotten more and more into street artists as creators as well as vigilantes. Today's contemporary art is really a beautiful thing and wanting to be apart is what drew me to giving away temporarily fixed art instead of the permanent defacing route :D... It almost works as a scavenger hunt for your favorite artists' piece. #FAFAtl on twitter is where people announce they released some art for the taking with a picture of the location. First one there gets to take it home. Giving away art is like hugging someone you just met, it's an awesome feeling. I normally do my art game or nerd related and hoping to build the brand into shirts, mini-statues, rings, keychains... Selling this kind of art is a win win for you, myself, and the fans. So I guess a win win win?... I mean who doesn't like awesome swag? EXACTLY lol, and as soon as shipping isn't an issue, free swag for my supporters is a must! Follow my free art swag here!

    Welp!!! Call me Chipotle, I guess that wraps me up.... Thanks again for checking out my page and making it to the end of this, you trooper you. I hope you've seen something you would like to invest in. I don't ask for handouts, but I could use some sponsorships, even if it's just a share. So what do you say, are you down to support #TeamRon... #TeamRonJones... #ThatJonesArtistTeam... #RonJonesTheArtist.... #TeamJonesTheArtist... wow they all sound bad :')... THANKS!!
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People believing in me is my biggest inspiration! I know I can do it, so if I've convinced you... Then our art filled future together is guaranteed!!!
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