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About Ronin Geek Official Podcast

Starting 2014 as a website, Ronin Geek has been a fast-growing passion project and side-hustle. In 2018, we kicked off Ronin Geek Official Podcast as both a creative outlet and a way to engage in the larger Geek Community with Games, Movies, TV and Culture. 

We currently fund all Ronin Geek Official endeavours completely out of pocket, and shy away from directly asking our listeners for subsidy of any kind... But we do have families to support and would love to continue producing content far into the future! 

Your help would GREATLY appreciated in helping us further this creative project. Please join us on this journey by committing to whatever help you can... And if you can't, the Podcast will always be available to you for free!

For those who subscribe on Patreon, we will be producing exclusive content and one-off episodes that are as hilarious and fun as we could think of. I promise it will be worth it!

THANK YOU for your time and your continued support!
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Our first goal is to hit $500 of listener and Partner funding! This would be the lowest amount we would need to fully subsidise the cost of the Podcast and future Original YouTube content that we are planning on creating. Thanks for being a part of our journey, and a Friend of the Pod!
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