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Thank you! You'll be allowed access to our patron-edition pdf as soon as an issue has been completed! Access to more concept art/illustrations!
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Thank you! Not only will you get everything from the first tier rewards, you can also read the next page of the issue early! 
 Access to more concept art/illustrations!
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Everything from the lower tiers plus access to our games in we have finished production! You'll also get exclusive access to in-universe articles and content, published monthly by our writers. Access to more concept art/illustrations!




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We're a group of artists, writers, and programmers based in the Philippines. We're behind The Last Ones Comic, which you can read here on our Patreon site or these links




The Last One's comics is completely free to read, and updates once to twice a week unless something come's up

We're a relatively new studio/team with a lot of goals, so we need a lot of help maintaining the costs of our operations.

Subscribing and donating even a tiny bit can help us immensely.
Contributors will get access to exclusive Patron-editions of our comic, which include everything the free comic issue has, but with more content such as concept art, screenshot of whatever games we have might have in development (concept art/illustrations/screenshots will also be available to view in our facebook page), in-universe journal entries and news clippings.

But that's not all. If we reach our various stretch goals, we'll also add more content to our Patron-edition .pdfs, such as wallpaper/poster art


Project Lead/3d&2dArtist/Writer/Concept:
Aiken Pe Yang

Lead Writer:
Carlo Yu

2d Artist/ Design
Arnold Angeles

Sunny Emiliano


Additional Contributors:
Wesley Chua
Jan Co
Stephen Tan
Daryll Vincent C. Alvero
Jordan Gonzales ( Last One's Comic Issue One Pages 1-6)
Erwin J. Tomilloso ( Last One's Comic's Issue One Pages 7-24)
Karl Adrian So (Last One's Comic Issue Two Pages 1-17, Cover for Issue 2)
Emilio Morales
Andy Malibot

Comic Pages are free to read and will be posted here in Patreon, our Thumblr, facebook page and deviant art 
$0 of $200 per month
If we can hit at least 200 dollars a month worth of subscribers this is a already a huge help and make this easier for us to keep this comics alive and running
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post

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