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I will not add any patron-only content, cause I don't want to be harsh to anyone who haven't an opportunity to manage his/her finances wasteful and uneconomic. But I strongly appreciate any signs of attention to my work, and making this donation you surely will encourage me to more intensive work on my projects.
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If, along with a demonstration of the interest in my works you want to buy me a beer, I'll drink to you with pleasure. 
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Maybe you are already familiar with my works. Maybe you like it. In any case, I will be very pleased for such approval. 




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I am Ronnie Magnum (not my real name though) and I'm an amateur music composer, 3D artist and Skyrim mod creator.

I never studied music professionally (I do not even familiar with musical notation, as strange as it may sound) but modern software technologies allows even such untalented people like me to make compositions in digital audio sequencers, and if you're lucky, they can even be somehow nice to listen. So it goes.

I'm also a big fan of The Elder Scrolls series, and some part of my musical creativity I dedicate to this amazing game universe.

From time to time, I sharing my musical tracks on my
And my Skyrim mods can be found on my

Why Patreon?

Being a content creator means to be in a special relationship with the people for whom it can appeal to, and who would like to get acquainted with my work. Household chores and domestic duties take a lot of time that I could devote to creative work, the results of which are expected by those who was pleased by my works and waiting for my new experiences. I love to create things other people can find useful and entertaining, but sometimes I just cannot afford enough time for my favourite activity, due to daily pastime. Receiving commendation donations from the people who enjoy my work will allow me to allocate much more time for it, and release my new content more often. And in addition to make an opportunity for me to improve my skills and create more quality content.
$38 of $300 per month
Reaching this goal will make a good addition to my monthly budget and surely will encourage me for more intensive work on my projects, including those that I temporarily abandoned (and there are lot of them).
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