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About Rosemary Mac Cabe

Here's where I share personal writing that I don't quite fancy sharing on an altogether public platform like my website - consider Patreon a "safe space" of sorts, where I know that everyone who's here, reading my innermost thoughts, wants to be.

You can expect money diaries (inspired by Refinery29, obvs), personal essays about depression and dating and Dublin, a monthly long read feature, advice columns and more.

It's also how I'm facilitating leaving my full-time job to focus on my writing - the writing I share here and the writing of a book I've been meaning to write for the past decade or so.

If you've ever liked what I have to say about mental health, life in general or modern feminism, you might like this. Pick a tier, take a seat and enjoy.

Some frequently asked questions...

How does Patreon work? 
Patreon basically allows creators – writers, podcasters, illustrators and more – to create a space where their readers / listeners / fans can support them financially. Sometimes people offer rewards in exchange for your financial support; sometimes they don't. If you listen to a podcast you love, for example, they might ask you to support them with whatever you can afford without a reward – in my case, I'm asking you to support me and, in return, you get to read my writing regularly. Depending on which tier you sign up to, you'll get different things – surprises in the post, shout-outs etc.

Do I have to check in to the site regularly to read your stuff?
Nope! Every time I publish a new piece that's available to you, in whatever tier you've signed up to, you'll get an email right to your inbox with the piece in it. If you like, you can then click through to Patreon to "like" the post or leave a comment (and I love when you do!), but after your initial sign-up you really never need to come to Patreon dot com again. I mean, unless you want to support some more creators! 

Am I tied into a contract? 
No! You can cancel your subscription any time you like – I really, really don't want anyone to be getting emails from me that they don't want. Like I said above, Patreon has become a kind of "safe space" for me, so it defeats the purpose if people are here when they don't want to be. Likewise, if you sign up at the wrong tier, or accidentally forget to edit your pledge from $4 to $1, drop me a message and I'll refund you. 100% NOT trying to rip anyone off. 

Is it a direct debit? 
Nope. It's a recurring payment that comes from your preferred payment method (I use PayPal; some people use Visa Debit; others use Patreon). If ever you don't have enough money in your account for your Patreon sub (we've all been there), it'll simply reject the payment – like if you dropped into Spar to buy some Caramel Nibbles and didn't have enough on your card (again, we've all been there). You won't get a referral fee. Patreon will simply try again to take the payment about a week later.

Do you pay tax? 
Right now, yes! Like any other form of income, the money I earn on Patreon goes into an annual spreadsheet I send my accountant – and hope that she'll be able to at least write off some of my business expenses against my earnings! As Patreon is quite new in Ireland, there are still a few hazy bits, so I'm chatting to my accountant about applying for an artist's exemption, which I think means one can earn up to €30,000, tax-free, per year.

Is this your only job? 
Right now, also yes. I'm trying to focus, for the first time, entirely on my writing – so that means working on my book (aiming for 1,000 words a day which, who knew, is very difficult), writing three pieces a week on Patreon, working on Patreon rewards and on my podcast. I'm not taking any paid advertising on my social media channels – nor am I taking any paid advertising on my podcast right now. This might change (I mean, everyone's got a price, amirite?) but I recognise that Patreon has afforded me an incredible opportunity and, to be honest, I feel that focusing solely on my work and not going down the influencer rabbit-hole is allowing me to be as honest and genuine as possible.

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