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giving roses to the lovely people

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loving art and giving their best art to a person In pain.

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Giving your all and never going down, letting your dreams come true.



About RoukaXInuki

    From Rosetta Storm, Giving a letter to everyone.
      ❤️“ Making music and art from my heart and soul, hoping someone can enjoy the art I give.” ❤️
               I am my own artist, i am a specialist to ✏️Mono Drawing✏️ and 💃🏻freestyle dancing💃🏻 I am passionate about being a freestyle dancer, a drawing artist, and a little writer. it is amazing to see people 😁smile😁 and enjoy my artsy way.. I created a YouTube channel to share my way, but I lack a bit in technology and confidence. I need the help of others to be able to share this amazing world of art I have...
          🧡Having the support of others gives me a whole lot of gratitude and it just gives the inspiration and self confidence I need.🧡
    💙 I only to dream to be the one to share what I have to offer.. 💙
      ❗️if anyone is interested in what i do, Gmail to my account. 
    Check out my YouTube account, it’s not great yet, but i’ll start” My Skills Series” soon.. so just hang in there!❗️
                                                                                  ~Thanks for reading!

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