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About Rosie-BRS

My first goal when starting my Deviantart page was to bring everyone's fantasies to life. I still believe in that, and I wish sometimes that I had more time to contribute, and better means of executing it.

On my page, you can expect to see: sketches, streams, works in progress, mature content not permitted on DA (that will also be available on fetlife under RosieBRS), side projects, tutorials, comic updates, stories, and any creative process that I'm able to share with you. I don't have an upload schedule, though I try to fill each month as much as possible! If you're a fan of my work, you'll definitely see more of it. Also, please note for the $10 story tier that story chapters are released near the end of the month due to the amount of work they require.

I will humbly accept help in this endeavor to grow as an artist. And I promise you will see results. Thank you.~

[Disclaimer: All parties in reflected situations or stories are consenting adults]
87% complete
I'm working towards $800 a month. If I hit this, then I'll work on one adoption per month with a crowd vote instead of individual funding.

This would cover the cost of one adoption per month and would leave me in a stable enough position to not have to take on more work to compensate. Any pledge is appreciated~ Thanks!
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