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We have a minimum pledge of $1 to support the processing fees for our programs, but we want everyone to have access to amazing science.
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Looking to add science to your summer? 

We're making STEM easy for you to do this summer. We have live interactive classes on YouTube and Zoom weekdays at 9am PST.

Our program is pay-what-you-can. We want everyone to have fun kids science activities to do, and we want to support you in the best way possible. If you want to join us 5 days a week, great! If you feel like joining us 1 or 2 days a week would better for your schedule - that's equally awesome! You can't get behind because our videos will stay up on YouTube for you to do when the time is right.

Come Join Us Today!

Here's what you will get:

  • An ongoing STEM schedule with activities every weekday
  • Hours of fun activities that fill your kids time
  • Printouts and instructions to make each project a success
  • Guided live videos with real-time questions and answers
  • Live Zoom Classroom to troubleshoot and dig with Dr. Erica
  • Archived video lessons so you can complete the activities at your own pace
  • Access to socialization with kids around the world

How it works

Each week, and for each project, I will post online tutorials, video explanations, and have a live Zoom-based Q&A.

Online demonstrations with my family will be broadcast through YouTube Live and Zoom, allowing parents to decide the platform that is right for their family, and also preserve our live interactions of questions, comments, and troubleshooting.

What it costs

You decide! There are different levels for you to join us, from $1 a week up to $50 if you're feeling generous and want to help support the program for other families.

Once a week I release a paid post with all the info and downloads for our projects which initiates the pledge. Every other post throughout the week is free to anyone who has joined us (so supply lists, project updates, live streams, etc). 

For example, if you pledge at the $1 level you could expect to see a charge for $4 (4 weeks of posts) at the end of the month. We're planning on being here in July and some of August, and will regroup depending on what the schooling situation is in the fall. When school goes back to normal we will switch to a monthly paid post, making sure that you are supplied with awesome science indefinitely!

Activity Details

Activities will focus on (our Summer of Science is focusing on Paper Circuits):
  • Math
  • Physics
  • Biology
  • Chemisty
  • Engineering
  • Paper Circuits
  • Programming with Ozobots
  • 3D modeling with Tinkercad
The online tutorials will include print-outs, detailed explanations and walkthroughs of each project. 

Video explanations are there to guide you and your kids through each project, learn the concepts and share examples of our finished projects. These allow for rewinding and detailed review.

The Zoom video conference service allows for daily check-ins to ask questions and socialize. It will also allow us to see each other a little bit for some chit and chatting! 

The Schedule

We will distribute the week's schedule once a week and your pledge level will be charged at that time. So if you pledged $1, you should expect to be charged that amount per week of projects we release (or later, per month of projects release once school goes back to normal)

You can run each week's schedule at your own pace but we will have guided sessions where we complete the program with my own kids in a video conference setting as well as a Q&A session for any families who have questions about the day's project.

What about Supplies?

Science uses supplies, and that can be tricky with this coronavirus going around. In fact, we've found that our original sourcing ideas were hampered by the Amazon supply crunch.

To combat this I've re-arranged and re-created my lessons to mostly use household items and easily sourceable items from your local grocery store.

To help you be prepared I provide links to Amazon and Ebay shopping lists for easy supply ordering. 

I am working pretty much around the clock this weekend to get week one in place. I recognize it is not ideal - but...well, this whole thing is not ideal! I post the supply lists on Sundays and also an hour before each livestream goes live.

Our Summer of Science is using minimal paper circuit supplies - you can find that list at https://amzn.to/31DTTJ9.

Is this Program right for me?

Does your child like fun activities? Are you looking for projects to keep them busy? Are you able to get them started with a video connection?

If yes to those, then it looks like we're a match.

The only thing you and your child need to be successful with my programming is a willingness to learn, perservere and troubleshoot. An internet connection is also pretty necessary but if you're reading this we should be good... 

Parents and kids don't need to be science whizs as I will walk through the various projects in detail. They are designed for kids from Kindergarten to 5th grade so you can choose the level that works best for you.

Parents might have to help younger kids with taping and fine motor skills, but the projects are fun enough to keep most kids on track without intervention. Strong parental encouragement about the necessity for troubleshooting and perseverance is also helpful.

Who is Dr. Erica?

After receiving my PhD in Physics from Boston University I moved to Bainbridge Island, WA with my handsome husband to raise my two girls. 

In order to make sure they loved science as much as I do, I started creating activities to engage their minds and pretty soon I had a business doing that for kids all over the area. 

Now I create science curriculum for the community of Bainbridge Island, WA and greater Seattle area.  This includes community science shows at the Bainbridge Island Observatory, where I am a board member, after-school programs throughout the year and in-school programs to support the local public and private schools.

The programs I create are all about applying REAL science concepts to fun activities in order to engage kids. I want them to come out of each class with an innate understanding of what they explored, all while having a great time. 

Are you interested in having STEM curriculum delivered to your inbox? 

If so, let's do this! 

Set your donation level and come join us for some amazing activities!

A few notes:
I teach afterschool in a K-4 setting, so these projects are geared primarily towards K-4 aged kids. Younger kids might need parental help with some things, and older kids can likely do these projects on their own.

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When we hit 500 patrons we will try to hire a community outreach manager to help us reach more families around the country.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 113 exclusive posts

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