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About Rotting Pixels


Hello, my name is Željko (I know, hard to pronounce. Just call me Zel and we shall get along.) and I'm 27 years old indie video game developer, hailing from anything but prosperous Bosnia & Herzegovina. Over the course of ten years I have been developing video games and as you can already tell none of those turned out to be successful, in financial sense as well as any other. However, I've learned a lot and picked up a lot of skills crawling through the muddy trenches on the bloodiest battlefields of them all known as indie game development. How dramatic huh?

The basic idea I had after starting my journey was to attain skills that will make it possible for me to make a game from scratch, I wanted to be a one man team. What I didn't understood back then is how much intellectual blood, sweat and tears needs to be poured into crafting games, even if you keep their scope as small as possible. Years passed, I was honing my skills through a variety of projects most of which has never seen the light of the day. Majority of assets I created never made it to the public, they were left to rot on my hard drive or memory storage units of other developers I had a pleasure to work with. That is from where I gained the inspiration for Rotting Pixels, instead of leaving all those created assets and all the ones I will make in the future to rot I decided to make use of them and share them with everyone, FREE OF CHARGE! That is right, all of the assets I'm going to create and share will be absolutely free. I will share old, create new, retouch and update existing assets I have in order to aid all of you in your game development struggles comrades.

Everything I'm going to share with the hungry game developers will be 100% FREE, Patreon is just a form of tip jar and option for all of you to support me in my cause, if you feel like I deserve it. There won't be any exclusive assets you will have to pay for to obtain, nothing like that.


There are numerous reasons why I absolutely love pixel art so much but one of the main reasons are its limitations. It feels so incredibly challenging when you have a canvas of 16 pixels in width and height and a limited amount of colors to express yourself in the best possible way. The feeling of satisfaction when you finally succeed in your matter is something so fulfilling and wonderful, something that only art can make you feel. Although I've been making pixel art for more than four years now I understand that there is always room for improvement, so if you have any suggestions or critique (constructive or not) please share it with me.

My aim is to do something I love and enjoy and share it with you and use any potential income to fund my own game development projects. We will all work together in a joint effort to bring our ideas to life.

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post

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