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Since my projects are always free of charge--no matter what--they depend on the support of volunteers and donors alike. (The same reason you won't find any patron-only posts here.) Download away, folks!




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    About Reginald Routhwick

    Author, publisher, conlang creator, digital rights advocate, Web "nomad", and pop-culture geek (for hire) residing in Brandon, FL. Previously based in Waterbury, CT (2006–2017); originally from the Commonwealth of Dominica. Veteran Wikipedian since February 2005; furry fan since c. 2007–09; full-time plusser since mid-2012.

    Currently developing Unspooled, a six-novel all-animal series for children. Its original stand-alone incarnation, code-titled Marigot Magic, was a "winner" during NaNoWriMo 2012. Also the creator of Relformaide, a constructed worldlang with Romance/Indo-European as its base.
    This Patreon page is a tip jar, meaning that:
    1. every little bit counts towards funding of this user's creative endeavours, and
    2. furthermore, all posts shown here are free of charge--no matter what.

    Unless otherwise noted, content herein is dedicated to the public domain worldwide under Creative Commons' CC0 waiver and Piratbyrån's Kopimi clause (for Unspooled/Sevton/Relformaide material and other side projects), or Creative Commons Attribution (BY) 3.0 and later (for some commission work/gift art). Feel free to do whatever you want with it; attribution is appreciated.

    To paraphrase a word of warning on various subreddits:

    Despite creating public-domain works, this user is against copyfraud. Please respect that by not claiming what you see as your own, for profit or otherwise.

    As for my
    Unspooled characters, you can use them in your own stories--heck, even have them on a date or whatever--but please keep in mind they are not for adoption under any circumstances.

    Characters in commissions and gift art are the property of their respective owners. To use them in your own work, please consult the owner or license holder.

    Have fun!
    Official PBWorksGoogle+ (#WhatLiesAground) • RedditDeviantArt.comFurAffinityInkbunny
    This creator thanks Andrew Pam on Google+ for bringing him (back) here.

    Profile icon, of Unspooled's Samson Dixwell (Guadeloupe raccoon, Procyon lotor minor) (1/1/2018), by "Loxfaux" at Google+.

    This creator supports net neutrality and the open-source movement.

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