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Your contribution to the development of Roxbot is appreciated!

You don't get anything fancy but I will appreciate you. Yes you!

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I will add your name/chosen name to a supporters file in the Github repo as well as in the readme itself. You will be given a Supporter role in the Official Roxbot support server. This will grant you access to a special quick support room, if you ever needed fast support for an issue.

Includes Discord rewards
Get a simple Discord Bot!
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Get your own very simple Discord Bot. 

I will make you a Discord Bot to do whatever you want it to, it will have to be simple, not malicious, or too overly complex. This can be a simple game, responses to phrases, editing images, etc.

The bot will be released as open source. This means that other people  will be able to use it, too, but I'll only provide hosting for you -- if  other people want to use the bot I make for you, they'll have to host  it themselves. 

You will also receive the Supporter perks as well.

Note: Before getting this tier, please message me on Discord (Roxxers#7443) or on the Fediverse (@[email protected]) so we can discuss your bot idea and see if it is something I can deliver.




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About Roxie Gibson

Want to support Roxbot and her development? Want to help a trans software dev in the process? Then so I have a Patreon for you. Introducing the new Roxbot Patreon 2000. As seen on TV!

Who are you?

Hi, I am Roxie and I am a trans woman from the UK. I make Discord bots and other free and open source software (FOSS). A nerd in programming and flags, I try to make Roxbot. At the moment, I don't have many other projects going on other than Roxbot.

What's Roxbot?

Roxbot is an inclusive modular multi-purpose Discord bot. Built with love (and by Roxxers#7443.

Roxbot is designed be a multi-purpose bot and provide many different services for users and moderators alike with a focus on customisability. Roxbot also has a focus on being inclusive and being fun for all kinds of people. Roxbot is a bot written by a queer woman with the LGBT community in mind.

Why should I pledge?

By supporting and pledging to this Patreon, you will allow me to keep developing and hosting Roxbot. I want to make her the best FOSS Discord Bot out there. There is a lot of Discord Bot's but many of them are closed source. I want to make a bot for anyone to use. I wanted to highlight the communities I am apart of and those that don't get a lot of representation, especially in gaming circles. Hence why Roxbot is also tailored to the LGBT community as well as everyone.

I am currently trying to update Roxbot to version 3.0. This will be a giant step up to make her a fantastic bot. If you want to learn more, check out this post about what I want to do. It is so big that I really can do with all the support I can get.
$15 of $20 per month
This will cover my monthly costs for running the server that Roxbot runs on while funding a small upgrade. Should see slightly faster Roxbot, especially as she joins more servers.
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