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Thank you! with your support we can keep RpVoid free of annoying microtransactions or awful business models.

You help us pay the costs of keeping the game running!

- Your name will appear in the home page credits

Core Member

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This tier help us covering maintenance costs of the Void even better!

- Name in Home page credits + Custom icon
- Access to Deployment channel (detailed information and all the updates of the game before the rest of the community sees it)
Includes Discord benefits


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Have access to the Community Content channels, where you can post your designs and ideas, where we can pick them and add them to the game!

As time goes, we will connect more with the designers on what things are added into the game and what is getting planned for the future.

(Like if we decide to add vampires, the designers will be the first to show designs/ideas/etc on how to approach it)

- Name + Icon in home page credits
- Access to Deployment channel
- Access to all Community Content channels
Includes Discord benefits




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About RpVoid

(page under construction!)

Hello! I am SrGrafo, and together with my friend Fodderstompf are creating the RpVoid game.

We are making sure that this is a free game that anyone can play, thats why we are funding it with our own money.
(this way, the game will never have microtransactions or any kind of annoying business model)

This patreon should little by little help us with the costs and maintenance of the game, also to make sure the game is always growing and expanding.

Patrons will be able to directly suggest and vote what content will be added to the game. We will open a chat channel in our discord where we will be able to directly communicate with the people supporting the game, give them our templates so they can doodle or draw and suggest items/content.

Also patreons will have its own page inside the game, showing their names and how much they supported development of this project.

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