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Class D
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  •  Added to special Discord to chill out and able to suggests Ideas for new games to play on stream.
  • Gets to chose logo and banner for Twitch Channel and  YouTube channel.
  • Post art on twitch Stream.
  • Gets Name put in at the bottem on the Patreon Bars On twitch Channel. 
Limited (150 of 150 remaining)
per month
  • Early access to content and games.
  • Voting power(Admin) in Twitch stream.
  • Going on Voice calls on discord to discuss  the future of the channel.
  • Making the stream run smoothly with the admin jobs.
  • 25% Discount on Merch store at end of the year. 
  • First to be notified about deals and discounts through sponsor.(Up to 15%)  
  • And everything in the previous tier




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About RuddersTV

Welcome im a Twitch Streamer who is looking for some support to go in the right direction in the industry. I have been a full time chef for 3 years and want to turn back to gaming I can show you and teach you things about my cooing career and I just want to have fun with twitch and play games with friends.
$0 of $500 per month
£500 will support me so much and I would be able to invest the money into equipment and stuff for the streams and to make the best experience in the streaming community!
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