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Thanks: Time is an illusion, and every moment infinite; you will therefore have my eternal gratitude in spite of my finite and mortal nature.

Q&A: I’ll answer questions from Patrons at least once a month.

Pictures of things that didn’t happen: I take a lot of reference pictures for stories (e.g., for the work in progress, possible DC-area landing sites for starships). I also take pictures of my household’s cute cats and cute-but-irritating dogs. I’ll post pictures from some of these categories each month. You pays your dollar and you takes your chances.

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Hidden things: Flash fiction, poetry, and outtakes/deleted scenes, either never published or published in obscure enough venues that you’ve probably never seen them. At least one posted each month.

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Q&A: My characters will answer questions from Patrons at least once a month.

Broken things: Excerpts from incomplete stories, and explanations for why they’re incomplete. Posted irregularly.

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About Ruthanna Emrys

Welcome! I’m Ruthanna Emrys, an author of weird and hopeful speculative fiction. I’ve written the Innsmouth Legacy series (“The Litany of Earth,” Winter Tide, and Deep Roots), and am currently working on The Fifth Power, a near-future science fiction novel about the early days of the thing that’s as hard to see from where we are now as constitutional republics were from the divine right of kings. Also about first contact, queer found family, watershed management, and raising kids in interesting times. Since I’m writing about collective support organizations, I thought maybe I ought to try one out—so here we are.

This is a place for the odd little corners of my writing that rarely make it out into the world. Deleted scenes. Worldbuilding oddities. Sonnets. Doggerel. Monologues by supporting characters that I couldn’t resist writing at 2 AM, but could resist putting in the novel at 10 AM. Basically, all the things I toss out of my brain while I’m trying to find the actual publishable stories, and which normally only get shared with patient householdmates. I’ll also share snippets from my overflowing drawer of incomplete stories and juvenalia, along with explanations for why they’re unfinished or unpublished.

Things you might get to read include:

  • Serious juvenalia: my high school obsession with assassins
  • Moderately competent juvenalia: my college obsession with genre-savvy characters trying to deconstruct their stories from within
  • It can’t be juvenalia, I was in my 30s: Excerpts from the queer urban infrastructure fantasy that I put down to write Winter Tide, and which is now hopelessly stuck in the early ‘teens because the novelty of smartphones was a major plot point
  • What happens to [spoiler] after they go back to [spoiler]
  • Commentaries 8 and onward from Tikanu, the Jewish not-Narnia from “Seven Commentaries on an Imperfect Land”
  • Outer One breeding practices (not much like human ones at all, sorry, not that kind of Patreon)
  • New recipes from Tikanu and Innsmouth
  • Demonstrations of my ability to overthink the neural structure of imaginary creatures and the psycholinguistics of body-snatching

Patreon money will go towards things that make it easier for me to write, and easier for me to write faster: extra babysitting, help cleaning the Mysterious Manor House, and in general the means to solve problems by spending money that would otherwise be solved by spending time. If this succeeds particularly well, it might also go towards things that enable me to write better, like reference books and research trips.

Your support, financial or just spreading the word, will also provide evidence that people want me to finish more things more quickly—and thus motivation, sometimes much-needed in this age of Immanent Dystopia, to do so.

By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 196 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 196 exclusive posts

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