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About ‘Hearing Others’ Voices’

                                      Hello fellow creatives!

Here we are, creating a new, fast-expanding and widely distributed series of books for young adults - inspiring, challenging, mind-opening (why should they just be stuck with narrow school syllabuses? and for ever?).

It’s what our precious young people need - deserve - rather than all these hidden forces focusing on examination results and money-dominated from which they must never think of deviating. They are the ones, remember, who will soon hold the world in their hands, maybe already do.

They deserve that fresh air, that inspiration outside these bounds.

It’s already there and our new series is starting to give them a taste of it.

there are  these  stunning topics on the way too - like hearing the sound of  the start of the universe ( yes, really!) guided by an expert in relativity,  the secrets of  storms and what causes them by  a master mariner, the nature of grass and how, forever regenerating, it somehow miraculously holds our world together, why hunter-gatherer groups still survive and  flourish, our amazing bodies, and how a Vietnamese boat refugee survived to become a successful doctor , singer and Lieutenant Colonel - oh so much just waiting, with a little more support,  to go out to our teenagers and the rest. 
                    We’re looking for  more and more and more ideas like these.

                  So please please  join us with YOUR  ideas and YOUR support

By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post

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