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I have chosen not to have ads on my youtube channel, so if you appreciate that please donate so I can create more ASMR! 

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About Ruwba

Hey Coconut, my name is Ruwba a.k.a Aruba
Thank you so much for taking time out of your day to visit my Patreon page.

I love to create art of all kinds in many different mediums, this includes ASMR sound, music production, live performance art, videos, photos and sometimes art with my body ;). 
My main focus for patreon is to expand my ASMR, I have a keen interest in helping to lower anxiety through sound and visuals and have been experimenting with this concept, I have so many ideas for ASMR Videos and experiments I would like to try, I want to test them on you if you will let me!
I made this page so I can create much more, and YOU can be part of it!

When you join my patreon you will get access to patreon only videos and photos on my wall or exclusive links sent to you privately.
Patreon only EXCLUSIVE ASMR VIDEOS, recorded with my 3D binaural microphone. 
This creates sounds as though you are really there and can give you brain tingles from your head down your back. I will be making some of these videos for my patrons only, uncensored and more sensual not seen anywhere else.
These are best watched with headphones for the full effect.

Everything I am doing has been self-taught and only pursued because I feel passionate about it.
Every single sign up no matter how much, shows me you are supporting what I am doing and that to me is truly priceless. 
So choose the level you like below to become a coconut and join me for some fun ;)
As a coconut, here's what to expect...

  • Uncensored Patreon Only pics and videos!
  • Access to EXCLUSIVE Ear Eating & Bed time girlfriend role-play ASMR VIDEOS unseen anywhere else.
  • Premium snapchat
  • Help me decide what content I make :)


9% complete
If I reach 200 members I will do a 1 hour HOT binaural ASMR VIDEO FOR ALL patrons $5 and above
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