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I am an Adventurer. An Ultra Runner. 
My legs, my mind, my soul carry me over great distances. 
But it wasn't always this way; and little of it is about the run. 

Its about Questing. 

Five years ago, in a moment of boredom, I stepped onto a treadmill for the first time, looking for something new. Ten minutes later I was done - just wasn't my thing. But as I stood drenched in sweat, I committed to running ten minutes, every day, for a week. Five months later I finished my first marathon learning lessons of dedication, passion, and sacrifice.
After literally waking up from a dream during which I ran across the state of CA, in January 2015 I joined a group of other runners as we traveled from the ocean in Huntington Beach, CA to Page, Arizona. Our journey took ten days. I jumped into the world of ultra running. Now 50 mile, or 100 mile runs are simply part of my world!

As I’ve pushed my body and mind further, breaking down self-perceived limits, my world has literally expanded. While I'm entering ultra races around the globe, the journey is much more than getting from point A to point B. Its about the unplanned, unexpected moments. Its about the people I meet, the places, the heroic acts of mankind witnessed along with way. Its about asking the tough questions: Who am I? Who are we? What’s real? What’s not? And what’s it all about?

There's a great misconception that running is a solo sport. That couldn't be further from the truth. While out putting in distance, we’ve developed this community together. My journey is your journey as each step I take is propelled by each of the friends I’ve met along the way. 

Thats my goal. For us to go on this Quest together.

To dive into discomfort. Choosing to live on the edges of life. Choosing adventure. Some will be close to home. Some will be much grander, to far off lands suggested by you! No matter where we end up, together, we’ll be exploring people, interviewing interesting characters, and being inspired by landscapes. Videos, photos, articles and a book are just some of the ways we will capture the moments of frustration, joy and perseverance, all of which go into completing the physical challenge. But we’ll also grow together in spirit, in lessons learned. We’ll pause in moments of quiet awe. And we’ll wonder at feats once seemingly too grand, but now within reach. 

This is Questing.
Let's do this!

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