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1$ per month grants you access to my Patron only news feed where I will be updating you on what is happening in my musical world. You will be privy to behind the scenes footage from the video ...


$3 /creation

$3 per month gets you the Access reward as wells as MP3 downloads of my tracks as I release them. 

*** Be sure to select one time per month at the end of the checkout process so...


Special Thanks

$5 /creation
$5 per month gets you the above rewards, as well as a "Special Thanks" credit at the end of the videos released. You will also received two tickets to a show of your choosing that I will be putting...

Associate Producer and Concert Tickets

$10 /creation
$10 per month gets you all of the rewards above, but instead of a "Special Thanks" credit, you will be listed as an "Associate Producer" on all of the videos you support because you are stepping up...