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I wouldn't be any smarter than a brick if it weren't for a handful of the best minds on the planet, and none of them were cynics. I chose people with a constructive attitude towards life.


I'm Ryan Smith, sound designer, game developer, writer and language student. I've studied philosophy for pretty close to 5 years, and through ups and downs, I'm starting to piece together a grand puzzle. I'd like to share with you what I've learned from those five long years.
Hello there. I'm Ryan Smith.

You want to have a better outlook on life?
You want to give yourself a better chance of living well?
You want to overcome depression, autism, ADHD, insomnia?
You want to move away from the overwhelming negativity of the world's consciousness?

I did all of these, through five years of studying people who have conquered worse setbacks. If you're an artist, you want to draw. If you're a musician, you want to make music. If you're like me, you want something better than what we've been handed by our ancestry and social climate.

What would you like to do with the rest of your life? Don't know yet? Same here! We can still enjoy life.
And it starts with this one tip:

Free yourself from the so-called "facts." You decide what works for you. Don't let some know-it-all fact-maker tell you how to live, especially if it's depressing you.
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