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is creating Vocals: Metal, Rock, Pop, Classical (Originals & Covers)
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About Ryan Strain

Hi, I'm Ryan and I'm a vocalist. I'm currently the lead singer for the Central European metal band Recode The Subliminal and Austrian metal band Chaos For The Masses (C4TM), a guest singer for many bands, including Buried Realm, Plaguestorm, and various solo musicians, as well as an accomplished cover artist in genres ranging from Metal to Opera, and everything in between. Phew!

Singing is my passion, and it's really the only thing I'm decent at. Anyone who's been following me over the past 10 years will know that I've always been very ambitious, but my head is also all over the place. It's been a long journey trying to decide what it is I actually want for myself and my musical career. There have been many obstacles and set-backs along the way - mentally, financially, and physically - all of which were challenging and educational. Life changes rapidly, and my personal goals have to adjust to parallel those changes and move peacefully along the same line.

My goal for the future is to be an established studio vocalist, aside from my full-time job at USPS, in my own house. I want to work from home, writing and recording music with bands and artists that I love. I also want to be able to invite other local singers to come and use my studio to record their tracks. 

Once I have a real home studio in my own house, I will finally be free to do what I love, which is providing quality music to supportive listeners like you.

TLDR; Your monthly pledges will be used for:
  • Taking private vocal and music lessons
  • Finding a more private living space
  • Setting up my own home vocal studio
  • Putting my voice on as much music as I can before I expire

I want to thank all of my Patrons who have been so supportive so far, and I ask for your continued support in reaching my goals. To any newcomers, if you're interested in what I do, please contribute whatever you feel comfortable with. If everybody pledged even just $1 a month, there would be no limit to what we could do. Thank you for reading!
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Reaching this monthly goal will allow me to start pursuing a career in music by paying for vocal lessons, music lessons so I can write my own material, and basic equipment upgrades.
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