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About Ryder Green

Hey, welcome to my Patreon page!

So my main goal with this page is to be able teach more people guitar, and not only share the wisdom I have been fortunate enough to gain over the years, but also get in even tighter with everyone and really be a community of music lovers and guitar nerds alike – and have fun!
At the same time, I wanted to give you guys a way to support what I’m doing so I can keep expanding and making better and better content for you!

So what I’ll be doing here is putting out regular lesson videos on licks, chords, songs of mine and so on for all of my patrons to see, along with other adventures of mine, music projects, and release updates before anyone else. I'll also bring you behind-the-scenes (BTH) on projects.

Beyond that, I'll be making regular videos on gear tips — maintenance, tone searching, rig and guitar setups and recommendations. I'll also give you my heads-up on good gear to check out, including what I use and would suggest.  

Additionally, you guys will have access to the patron-only chat so you can ask me questions anytime about a lesson video, or other guitar/music/project related questions and what-have-you. You'll be able to chat with other patrons too.

And overall, the goal is just build an awesome tight community with everyone, and have fun! 

I look forward to the many adventures to come,

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