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There you are!    I’ve been waiting for you!

Have you ever looked at a picture and thought, "Wow! I LOVE  that!" or "Ooh! I know exactly how that feels!"? Well...that's what I call spirit-to-spirit communication and it's that magical thing that often happens between an artist and the viewer. If you've ever felt it, you'll know exactly what I'm talking about and you'll probably never forget what that moment felt like. I imagine there's a "proper" name for it, but if so, I'm not familiar with it.

I'm a visual creative, so I try to create images that are pleasing to look at; that refresh the heart & soul; that connect with a kindred spirit so they know they aren’t alone. As much as I love words, they are rarely a part of my creative process, so sometimes naming my work is hard for me to do. So please look at the work and if the title doesn’t seem to ‘fit’ feel free to ignore it. 

I think it might be more important than ever to take a "sanity break", you know, to take a break from reality and find something more soothing than the current moment - whether that is listening to some music or looking out the window at nature or looking at artwork; just take a momentary break.

I think everyone has an inherent right to own fine art that they can enjoy at their leisure. And now, thanks to technology and Patreon, I can offer you fine art at a very affordable price. The pieces available here are digital images and can be used as backgrounds for any digital screen AND can be printed out at 4.25" by 5.50" (greeting card size) up to an 8"x 10" (and maybe a little larger if you will be looking at it from a distance). You get to download an image file for the price of a cup of coffee (or tea) at many coffee and tea shops. The files you download are at least 300 dpi (hi-res) images.

By using my Patreon Page you enable me to be a creative with a “site of reciprocity”, relying on patrons to purchase an inexpensive membership from which they can access my artwork; instead of having to accept advertisers ads that track behavior & collect data. 

The Internet has changed significantly over the last decade, challenging both readers and publishers in profound ways. Being a huge believer in the power of blogging, online community and personal freedom, I acknowledge that the “code[s] of honor” of years past have, at best, mutated. User data is being misused and even sold at alarming rates, while mega-ad-networks have a stranglehold on publishers livelihoods. Poor behavior and poor practices have soured reader/user experiences, while indie (individual) blogs & sites are rapidly becoming extinct.

This, plus the example set by one of my favorite sites, Design Seeds has inspired me to try and help change this paradigm from my small spot on the web. Your direct support will allow me to continue as a creative spirit with transparency and reciprocity. I hope I will never need to run network ads. Wherever I can, I will remove Analytics tracking from my sites to protect you and your data.

My goal is to keep my Patreon site fresh with up to 30 images available here at any given time. I have nearly 100 items for sale in my Etsy shop, but if Etsy continues its current direction (suggesting creators “roll shipping fees into item pricing to cover offering ‘free shipping on items over $35” which is illegal in this country (the US). I am stunned that Etsy is turning away from individual creators and favoring cheap, corporate made items over handcrafted. If they fail to return to legal and honorable behaviors I will be leaving Etsy at the end of the year. 

Please be sure to scroll through and look for the images that are free to anyone who visits this site. I have posted a few things that are representative of my work and made them available to everyone so that no one has to go without something pretty to look at.

Speaking of finances...Patreon charges your credit/debit card on the first of every month, so if it's getting close to the end of the month, you might want to wait until after the first to sign up so that you don't get charged twice in a short time or very close together.

Feel free to put the images you collect here on your cell phone or tablet as a screen background or on your computer as a computer desktop. If someone asks where you got the images, please let them know where they can find me. Thank you.

Look around and spread the love. Together we can make a difference and we can raise the love and integrity quotient on the planet. Namaste.

Note: Beginning October 2018, it is my understanding that Patreon will begin charging for VAT, please follow the link and read the info to see if this will affect you. This is not within my control, I personally wouldn't charge such a tax.
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When I begin earning $1000 a month with my photography/art I will be able to purchase better equipment (such as a better camera and large format printer) to bring you a better product. I will be able to give more time to creative pursuits to give you more choices.
Thank you soooo much for joining me here. 

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 124 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 124 exclusive posts

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