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About Ryuu Lavitz

Please read the FAQ &TOS before joining! 

Hello! My name is Ryuu. I am someone who's just trying to live the dream of being a self-employed, freelance artist. Exploring the world of Photography is something I am extremely passionate about. I'm elated that so many people want to keep up with my work.
I am...

  • A Published Model
  • An International Cosplayer
  • A Self-Photographer
  • A Twitch Affiliate / Gamer
  • A Product Reviewer / Advertiser
  • A Car Enthusiast
  • An Adventurous Cook

I've been modelling for 11 years, and I've been honing my photography skills for the last 12 years. I definitely see myself more as a photographer than a cosplayer. Cosplay, for me, has always been about making fun or interesting photos. I had no idea cosplay was even a thing before people started calling me a cosplayer. I had to google what that was!

I currently create new costumes or character concepts twice a month, and release (2) 30 image digital sets per month. I'm also just starting to get into creating video type content. It's a huge goal of mine to start coming out with monthly dancing videos, simple cooking instructional videos, car maintenance videos, etc.

Videography is something I am not skilled at and would need to find others who have the time to shoot. By signing up for my subscription service, you're not only supporting the creation of photo sets. Your money will also go towards the creation of new costumes, convention trips, hiring other photographers, and help me make sure my bills are paid. Without my fellow friends and fans, I would not be able to make all the art I am so passionate about. Entertaining the masses through cosplay and modeling makes me feel alive. It's my outlet to blow off stress and it allows me to be the creative person I have always been. It is my personal goal in life to inspire others to pursue their hobbies and dreams.

Check out my FAQ below!

How do I receive the content?

The delivery of my content has changed. Dropbox links will no longer be left on the Patreon feed. Instead, you will need to sign up to my website [ http://LavitzNation.com ] with the same email address that you use on Patreon.
Go here to create an account: [ lavitznation.com/my-account ]

At the end of the month, your content will be automatically added to the "Purchased Galleries" section of your account on LN. [ My Account ] > [ Purchased Galleries]-- for a visual guide, check the top of the FAQ page on LN.

If you ever have issues, you can send a message to the web developer directly by using the "Contact Us" form at the top of the LavitzNation page. We get back to customers ASAP, sometimes within the hour, but always within 24 hours.

NOTE: If for any reason you have an issue with your account, we will look into it and rectify the issue. Sometimes errors happen but we do everything we can to make sure each customer is satisfied.

What is the difference between your Patreon, OnlyFans and LavitzNation content?

OnlyFans is free for anyone to follow, and it is expected to remain a free place to join for people to sample older work. Tips are always appreciated but never expected. New content will not be uploaded to OF, only older content. You can find that here: [ Onlyfans.com/RyuuLavitz ]

Patreon gets two sets per month, and you have different tier options to get a different amount of images depending on your budget. [The most budget friendly option for people only looking to spend $10/15 and still get studio quality photos.] Once a set is no longer exclusive on Patreon, it becomes available for sale on LavitzNation as a full set only.

LavitzNation is my digital content shop, where full sets are sold after it is no longer exclusive to Patreon. LN gets exclusive sets that will not be on Patreon or Onlyfans--. LN just got a member feed for $15/month [very similar to OnlyFans] which will be different from OF & Patreon content. LavitzNations feed gets mostly spicy selfies and previews of the newest content if I don't have enough selfies to fill up the feed for the month.

Do you sell nudes?

I am a non-nude artist. Digital sets do NOT contain nudity, or sexually explicit content.  If you are expecting nudes, this site is not for you! My digital sets are sexy / boudoir / pin-up style but I do not display lady-bits / nips, or do any graphic posing. 

This site is for those who would like to follow me on my photography/modeling journey. Never put my work before your own personal needs. If you cannot afford to join the Nation, that is 100% okay! I will always post stuff for free across my various social media.

How often do you upload content? What kind of quality can I expect? 

I upload at least (2) boudoir sets per month. In between boudoir sets, I post full costume photos, and other random bonus content. Everything is shot digitally in my personal studio or somewhere on location. Sometimes I shoot with other photographers with more experience than myself, and you'll get even greater quality.  I never post cellphone selfies as a set! I believe you deserve the highest quality I can provide. 

When do I receive my monthly bundle?

I typically ship out print bundles during the last week of the month. You need to be signed up by the 15th to be included for prints! Currently, as the pandemic is still greatly affecting my state, I am only shipping out print bundles once every 2 months. This reduces my risk to exposure, as my products are a luxury, not a life essential. 

Example: If you were subbed in June but dropped in July, you will still get a print bundle, but it will be at the same time as everyone else in July. 

As I want to keep it personal, I am the only one who is handling ordering prints, signing, packaging and shipping them. Some months I may ship out right on the last day of the month (as I need to get through my 2 boudoir sets of the month to get new exclusives to print). Whenever I ship print bundles, I announce it in the Announcements section in the LN Discord. Most places in the US can expect to receive their bundles within 3-5 days. International members can expect to receive it within 1-2 weeks past the shipping date.

I just signed up. Am I eligible for last months content?

No. You only receive the content for the months you are signed up for. Using vouchers from past months will not give you any access, as those vouchers are not assigned to your email.

How much effort really goes into providing content / How fast is the turn around for content?

I easily spend 50 - 80 hours per week on costumes, digital content and print packages. I create all my own content unless credited otherwise! This means I make my own costumes, I plan my own photo concepts, I plan my own shoots, I take my own photos and do my own editing. I also take the time to separate the content into multiple zip folders for the multiple tiers. I hand sign every Polaroid, and personally mail each one out. I try to provide 2-3 shoots per month. (Usually one set every 2 weeks). At least one basic costume shoot or photo concept, and two boudoir shoots. But it varies from month to month, sometimes there's more. Basically, I'm a one man band! Please be patient with me, I'm doing my best to keep up!

I saw you on [dating site] / [random platform], is that REALLY you?

No! I do not belong to any dating websites. If you see profiles with my photos, please report them! People use my images to catfish people often and I can't keep track of these profiles without your help! My PSN, BattleNet, Steam, etc. are all private and I don't add people I don't know personally. If an account adds you that says they're me, please report them.

Any social medias that I have, you can find here: https://linktr.ee/ryuulavitz

Terms of Service:

  1. Payment is charged immediately upon pledging and then will be charged at the 1st of the month for every month after that. You are able to un-pledge at any time through your profile settings
  2. Patrons who harass or create a toxic environment for myself and/or other members will be blocked and NOT refunded.
  3. My content is not to be re-distributed or edited in any way. People who are found leaking content or attempting to leak content will be permanently banned without a refund.
  4. All content is delivered through LavitzNation.com and it requires you to use the same email address there as you do here on Patreon.
  5. By pledging, you acknowledge that you read and understand the FAQ and Terms & Conditions. Please message me if you have any questions before pledging. I like to be fully transparent with my supporters!

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Be able to afford to rent fun, themed BnB's for photoshoots, and to be able to create twice as much content!
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