Andrew Grondin

is creating Tabletop Games and YouTube Videos
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About Andrew Grondin

Hello, my name is Andrew and I'm the guy behind all the stuff at S-15. I started S-15 Studios a few years ago as an umbrella for the different projects that I'm working on. Currently, the two things I make the most are videos and tabletop games.

On YouTube, in addition to general gameplay and potpourri stuff, I've made a series called From The Top.
This focuses on putting video game series into chronological order, which gives a new perspective on our favorite stories. Currently I've completed Resident Evil, and in the future will be doing series on House of the Dead, Castlevania, and Hitman.

On DriveThruRPG, I've published a high-action martial arts combat game called Fighters United.

Currently, I'm working on Mania, a game focusing on horror and melancholia.

By pledging your support to this page, you'll be helping me in a bunch of different ways, from maintenance and upkeep of my equipment for making videos, to putting art in future tabletop books. Most importantly, you'll be making your voice heard, giving you the chance to be a part of the creative process! Support gets you early access to new content as well as polls, streams, the community Discord, and more!

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