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About South Africa's Neighbourhood Watch

We are a organisation of the local farming community. Our main goal is to protect the people and farmers of South Africa. To give you some background: The SA police are no help at all, they usually take 30 min to a hour and a half to arrive in scene. That's why we created our own neighbourhood watch to serve and protect the people from attacks. The attacks are violent and we need to protect ourselves and other from danger.

Why do we need support? 
Firearms and ammunition are extremely expensive here in SA { The most basic AR-15  starts at $1800 and a single 9mm round costs about 50 cents } Wich leads us to why we need the extra funding. We have projects we are working, one of them is to buy a thermal vision drone to catch the attackers at night but unfortunately they cost about $25k so its a long term project for us. 
Another thing that we are in the process of investing in are self loading presses for ammunition. We have a training day every 2 weeks for families, including women and children to train them on how to use a firearm and as i have stated earlier, it gets really really expensive. 

So please help us out! Any help is appreciated!

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