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I'm gonna leave this as the only reward I have as possible.  If you manage to get me to the $100 Milestone, I will be holding a contest every season! Until then, if you pledge $1, you will get the behind the scenes of upcoming projects for the Ace Gamer Show, plus outtakes and production process!  If you give to me, I will give right back to you!




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About Mike Maverick

Hello, fellow Ace Gamers, Mike Maverick here and welcome to the Super Ace Gamer Show where I play it, I will ace it!

A show about a gaming enthusiast, Mike Maverick, determined to review games while playing through the game, after acing it (or failing at it), he will give it a rating!

Must Ace = 5 out of 5
Must Play = 4 out of 5
Must Try = 3 out of 5
Must Look = 2 out of 5
Must Fail = 1 out of 5
The episodes I made so far are full length from 12-20 minute episode.  Ace Gamer Quickies are the series that's 3-6 minutes.  

Yo, Mike Maverick! The word of the interwebs that making a Patreon is (gasps) e-begging! Are you an e-begger too?
Ok, let me clarify a few things here…I already have a some-what a part-time job that helps with the bills, but never have the chance to invest on this show! That is why I need your help to the fans and the new fans of the Ace Gamer Show to help me invest on this show! You guys continue to watch the series, and I will keep making episodes! Simple as that! Just because you guys pay me doesn’t mean I will leave you guys hanging. I will make a community known as “Team Turnabout” (hence the name from a production company “Turnabout Entertainment” ) to keep you guys informed, chat, and communicate with each and every one of you! Who knows? If you guys keep pledging, then I will start a contest anytime soon! Be on a look out! Cause when you give to me, I will give back to you!

Welcome to the Super Ace Gamer brand!

This will be the beginning of an awesome group known as "Super Ace Gamer Brand" pledge and become the part of the Super Ace gamer Evolution!

This is Mike Maverick, entertaining for great justice!
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If I reach 100 dollars or more, I willing to turn this into a full time job.  Whether it's streaming, making reviews and such.   Videos will be made weekly, streams will be made everyday, but willing to take one day off after a game is finished for review purpose. 
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 5 exclusive posts
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