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Helping us any way that you can!  As a starving student, what little you give will set a positive karmic vector that compounds for the rest of your life! You'll probably save a lot of money by avoiding gear side-grades or crappy gear.
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Getting more serious! This is what most people with decent paying jobs should go for. If you like the content, encourage more of it! Every now and then, you will qualify for secret group buys and get the early scoop on upcoming gear.
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Now we are talking! This would be pure generosity on your part. Only give this if you love SBAF and can easily afford to do so.
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The Super Best Audio Friends forum is focused on both the subjective and objective aspects of audio gear. The concentration is on personal audio gear, although we sometimes branch out into two-channel and audio. We attempt bridge the subjective to objective gap by examining how measurements can correlate to human perception and building a common vocabulary to communicate what we hear.

We have a somewhat healthy community (let's face it, people who spend thousands of dollars on gear and listen to opamps and tubes with a variety of headphones are a bit odd) and can be childish at times. However, this child-like approach is also an asset because it gives us a sense of wonder, making us more willingly to explore what is unknown rather than pretend that we know it all with the one true measurement or the one true number that rules them all and binds us in darkness.

The site sounder (purr1n) has dedicated the past decade of his life to SBAF and incurred much of the expense. Additional funds will allow more great to be reviewed and in members hands. We very much appreciate your donations, whatever amount they may be, to help us bring both objective and subjective data on audio products for all to read.

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