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About Science-Based Medicine

Science-Based Medicine is a movement to promote high quality science as the basis for all aspects of health care. Everyone wants medical interventions that are safe and effective, and science is the only way we can really know what works and what is harmful. 

The scientific basis for modern medicine is being attacked from many angles - including those who want to sell snake oil, those with an anti-scientific world view, industry looking to tweak the rules to their advantage, people and politicians who would put ideology ahead of health, and many who mean well but simply don't understand the complex relationship between science and medical best practice. 

On SBM we explore all these complex issues, give helpful guides through the thicket of medical misinformation, deconstruct conspiracy theories and marketing spin, and promote reforms that would protect patients from exploitation and harm. 

SBM is a non-profit project run by volunteers. We are committed to providing this information ad-free, and so we need your support. Become a patron of SBM and help us fight the forces of pseudoscience that threaten our health.
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