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We meet again... for the first time.  Probably.

I'm known in most parts of the Internet as SCXCR and I began creating video game-based videos back in 2007.  In that time I've experimented with a few different types of videos including:

SC On - My general review show in which I break down (but hopefully don't break) a game.
Five Dollar Gaming - For the more thrifty people out there, I find a game costing $5 or less and determine if they're worth the price.  You'd be surprised how often the answer is "no."
The Bloody Roar Retrospective - An in-depth look at the Bloody Roar series of fighting games.
Hindsight Miscellanea - A look back at various gaming publications which proves the old adage that hindsight is indeed 20/20.
[fearless] - You know those scare cam videos that are all the rage on YouTube?  This is like that except I usually end up laughing at and making fun of the game instead of being scared by it.
The Seiken Densetsu Retrospective - An in-depth look at what's better known in the West as the "Mana" series of games. (Secret of, Sword of, Dawn of, etc.)
Just a Moment - The more brief equivalent of my regular video reviews.
Strumming the Bassline - I perform bass lines from various video game music and write/tab it out for any other bass players out there that want to learn it.

Since then I've joined my friends at RiverCityGamers to help produce additional content and streamed games on a semi-weekly basis on twitch.  Now though, I've reached the point where some of my capture equipment is badly outdated and at times only seems to work whenever I kick it in a certain spot.  Due to my employment and living situation I'm having trouble affording decent replacement gear and, as Five Dollar Gaming's existence might suggest, I typically can't afford more than two or three new games a year and don't always have the means to cover them.  With your help I'd like to change that.

Note: All my videos will still be free to view on my YouTube account.  This is simply a way to help expand what I'm capable of producing and create additional content at a faster pace than once every six or seven months.  See the goals for more details on some of these.

I should also note that by "full-production video" I am generally referring to any video that requires scripting, filming and extensive editing.  This applies primarily to SC On, Five Dollar Gaming, and any future retrospective videos.  Anything else I do including playthroughs, gag videos, travel videos, narrations, stream compilation videos, etc. doesn't apply.

To anyone still reading this, thank you for your consideration!
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On the Day of That Incident...

I'll put those other embarrassing videos behind me and do a proper video(s) on Shenmue.  And no, I won't abruptly stop again when "something actually happens."
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 140 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 140 exclusive posts

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