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About Stories Fables Ghostly Tales Podcast

Hi There awesome listener! You've found the one place you can support the Stories Fables Ghostly Tales Podcast.

This Podcast is dedicated to three things - Sharing Stories of a mixed variety, promoting authors from around the glove by showcasing their works, and sharing creative arts with no adverts. 

For all of you who are considering donating to the show, you're helping SO much. All the donation will 100% go to growing the show and purchasing better gear to make the show even better. On top of this, I'm looking at using the money to buy stories from authors. So every amount helps no matter how small mates.

The kind of stories that I narrate and create audio drama's for are as follows:
- Nosleep
- Creepypasta
- Folkstories
- Urban Legends
- Myths and Legends
- True Horror Stories
- Let's Not Meet
- Audio Drama's Specials
- Remastered Vintage 1950's Radio episode [The Creaking Door / Suspense! / Quite Please
And soooo much more.

I hope you get a chance to listen to the show, and thank you for listening.

Here's a link to listen to the Podcast:
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When I reach $250 a month I'll be able to pay for our stories and hire actors, bringing in authors and creatives to boost our unique tales for the Podcast.
Also, if they agree, conducting short interviews, verbal or written with the authors to add something special for the show.
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