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About Anthony Day

I'm Anthony Day and I produce the Sustainable Futures Report, a weekly podcast and blog. It’s a selection of stories and interviews aiming to be sustainable, topical and interesting. You can find my archive of nearly 200 reports at
You’ll see that I’ve covered a wide range of sustainability issues, but this is the Sustainable Futures Report, so there’s emphasis on the future as well. Like robots, eco-houses, self-driving cars, artificial intelligence and GM foods. Like electric aeroplanes, fuel cells, smart cities and clean air.

If you think that the Sustainable Futures Report is useful and interesting could you give a dollar each month to help me keep the Report going? That’s about 80p or €0.92. It's totally up to you. The Sustainable Futures Report will always be free and freely available to you and so far it's always been ad-free. With your help I can keep it that way. I’ve set some goals that we can achieve together. You can see them in the side panel. You can also choose your level of support in the other side panel. At most levels there’s a unique designer badge, available here only, but there’s more too.

With your help and your feedback we can make the Sustainable Futures Report even better. Why not sign up now?

Thanks for listening and thanks for visiting my Patreon page!
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I'll get all interviews on the Sustainable Futures Report professionally transcribed, so you can read the text on my blog - - as well as listen to the podcast.
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