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Valhein Mains

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Butterfly Assassins

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You'll get full access to the Patreon feed, as well as early access to guide videos.

 + Rewards from previous tiers 

Violet Gunslingers

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Video introduction from all SG writers (one time)

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Lauriel Archangels

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For as long as you're at this level, we'll include your name at the end of any videos we produce.

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Liliana Foxes

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We'll name an item build after you (either your submission or an existing item build). EG: "Ben's AP Arthur Build"

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Murad Wanderers

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We'll name our Hero Tier List (our most visited page) after you (If more than one patron in this tier, we'll use solo battle to determine who wins. Loser gets a separate reward).

+ R...