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Hello Everyone,
I am asif a US graduate (MBA in International Business and Marketing Strategy). I am from India and  have over a decade of experience in various industries as well as academia.

I am a stock investor and currently owns the YouTube channel 'simply stocks'. I have been trading and investing in stocks in India for seven years. I have also helped individuals in the US pick companies that have given decent returns over the years.

Apart from investment, I am an ardant sports lover and watch sports like cricket, field hockey, Tennis whenever I get time. I write articles on a variety of topics such as stock investments, economics, international relations, politics, business and so on. I am also good at career mapping and can help you understand what is best for you in terms of job and education. I do SWOT analysis of individual skills and ability in order to match there qualifications and skills to arrive at a given career.

About SIMPLY STOCKS - The Channel is created in order to educate individual investors and traders of India about the pros and cons of the stock market. In my videos I analyse firms with respect to -
1 Quality of Management
2 Growth prospects and moat of the product
3 Longivity of business and its balance sheet, profits etc
4 Value of a stock and a buy or sell idea

All my videos are primarily in Hindi so that majority of people i India are able to learn and get advantage from it. I would be more than happy to make videos in English if my followers want me to on this site. I hope I would be able to make a difference in your life by helping you in whatever capacity I could from my abilities.
100% complete
At 1400 dollars a month, along with all the above, Ill start with a comprehensive 16 week investment tutorial for all investors and traders available on Youtube.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 133 exclusive posts
Audio releases

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