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Alice Awakening (0.3.5)

Living Together (announce)

(click on picture)


Alice Awakening: What?! She blackmailing me?!

(click on picture)

Taiga in Your Room

(click on picture)

Taiga in my Prison Cell

(click on picture)

TV time with my...

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Thanks for coming here! It's very important for me to have a feedback about what I'm doing. At my page you can check what's new about game, my thoughts, some special arts and animations, polls etc. Also you can write a feedback in the comments below posts, ask me something about the development or anything else you want. If you want to support me, you can become a subscriber and you will give me a lot of motivation to improving this game, also you'll get an early access for new updates, special minigames and special arts just for one good meal ($8) at McDonalds + coffee ($2) per month!

I'm making games alone (arts, animations, writing, design, programming etc.), without any help (except translation, mathematics and testing), and it took a lot of my time to make it, so any support and any donation will be very-very-very amazing!

Join my Discord server to know everything about development, about game and to discuss anything with anyone!
click me:



Alice Awakening 0.3.5 DOWNLOAD LINK
Alice Awakening 0.3.4 DOWNLOAD LINK

About subscription Premium Access
Early Access to new updates and patron-special minigames. All new updates are for $10+ patrons. Updates become public only after new update comes out. Minigames are for Premium Patrons forever. No public releases for minigames.)

Thanks for supporting!

Alice Awakening Description:
You're in really good relationships with Alice, live together and helping each other in daily routine. Once you noticed an opened door to her room, It's strange, because she was always closing it. You decided to check her, but in a couple of minutes your passion went over head... You done some things you are not allowed to do, and you'll pay for it... You hear a whisper voice -"Wh..."; the next second - very loud scream. You managed to escape, but will you manage to return good relationships with her? The life will never turn back as before...

Alice Awakening Screenshots:

230 of 1000 patrons
I'll make a big team with my own artist, programmer, writer etc., because currently I'm working alone, and almost all work I have to do myself which is very, VERY hard for me. Hope someday I'll have my own developers team! It'll be one of the happiest moments in my development life. Thanks everyone for supporting, it's the MOST important part in ANY development. Thank you again. Love you all!
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